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  • The bamboo and wool facial brush The bamboo and wool facial brush


    Super soft and Natural Pure virgin wool bristles that feel like silk on your face. Use with your favourite facial product. Rotate in gentle circles. Cleanse, exfoliate, stimulate, and firm.
  • The body Therapy brush The body Therapy brush


    Healthy inside and out Urban Spa Body Therapy Brush is the superhero of brushes! This bamboo and sisal brush will rub every inch of your body the right way by exfoliating, increasing circulation and promoting skin renewal.
  • The brilliant bath mitt The brilliant bath mitt


    A soft and luxurious way to cleanse and exfoliate Urban Spa Body Brilliant Bath Mitt is an ambidextrous mitt with benefits that swing both ways. Use it on either hand for both cleansing and polishing your skin. Paired with your favourite bath gel or body oil this mitt is sure to make your skin sparkle.